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How can you support the shop?

It was so lovely to meet some new faces at the Safari Supper a couple of weeks ago and got me to thinking 🤔

Have you moved into the village within the last few years and love having a village shop?

Did you know that the shop is community owned, with a volunteer management committee and that apart from Tracey (our brilliant Mon-Fri manager) and our fab weekend staff, we are completely staffed by volunteers?

Would you like to be able to support the shop, but not sure how?

Here are some options:

💚Shop in the shop! We're not necessarily saying your whole weekly shop, but bear us a thought for top ups, treats, when you run of of basics but don't want to get the car out......or your weekly shop if you fancy! 🙂

💚Volunteer in the shop - we're always on the look out for people to help out, both in the shop and behind the scenes (maintenance, admin tasks etc). You can sign up for a regular shift, or as a standby (ad-hoc) volunteer, lots of options.

💚Buy a share! You don't even have to leave the house to do this one!

Download the shareholder form (below), email it back to the address on the form and do a bank transfer for the £10 per share.

You can also bring the form into the shop and pay at the counter (and maybe pick up something lovely while you're there!).

You'll be invested in the shop and will be invited to our AGM where you get to hear the latest updates and news fom the shop and have your say.

As a small local community owned business, we rely on the support of the local community, so we hope that these ideas help!

Share application form April 2023
Download PDF • 109KB


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