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Living next door to Alyce

What has Alyce Chaucer been up to?

Find out at Ewelme Village Store on Saturday 21st October at 3.30-5pm - meet the author!

At 3.30 pm on Saturday 21st October, Christina Hardyment will be coming to Ewelme Village Store to launch her new book, The Book of the Duchess, about Ewelme’s most famous resident, Alyce Chaucer.

Those who read Christina Hardyment’s exciting first book about Alyce, The Serpent of Division, will know that Ewelme’s Duchess is going to be involved in thrilling political intrigue and amusing quotidian domestic disputes.

The great pleasure in reading Christina Hardyment’s Alyce Chaucer books is to recognise the places in and around Ewelme, get a feeling for what life was like in medieval times in Ewelme and England, and read about the historical events going on when Alyce was alive.

Although the books are fictional political thrillers, they are based on scrupulous research by the author.

Please come and meet Christina in Ewelme Village Store, buy a signed copy of the new book (and the first book), and perhaps have a cup of tea and one of delicious our home baked cakes at the same time.


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