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August 2023 update

Hello everyone

We hope you’re enjoying the sudden influx of summer weather! Following on from an abysmal July (although the upside is we didn’t need to water our gardens!), it finally seems as if we are allowed some sunshine 🌞..

Our shop is stocked high with everything for the summer from ice-creams, lollies, chilled drinks, strawberries 🍓, blueberries, salad goods (have you tried the delicious on-the-vine tomatoes?), chilled wines and lagers. All your needs , in fact!

Have you tried our Danish pastries – croissants, pains au chocolat and almond croissants – buy them frozen, defrost and pop them in the oven – delicious!

The other evening, we had some friends round for a drink and I made some canapés. I looked at the platter and I realised every item on it had come from the shop. So here is a picture of my offerings (please don’t judge, I’m not a trained chef!)

From the red pepper hummus, to the Bix cheese from Nettlebed, to the seeded crackers (gluten free). So you really can cater for all your meals, from nibbles to pud (the latter in the Field Fare freezer).

Tracey has been working hard in the kitchen baking cakes and cheese scones for which she is renowned. Don’t miss out on trying them!

Wishing all our customers a happy end of summer! 😎


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