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June 2023 Update

The village has been looking lovely in the gorgeous Spring weather (now that the downpours seem to have stopped ..) with all the verges, unmown, full of wildflowers. Are we not all extremely fortunate to live in such a beautiful area? We are also very lucky to have in our midst, a charming shop and tea room.

A couple of things you might be interested in;

NEW : Flexible volunteering

As a community shop, we are heavily dependent on the support of our volunteers.

To any of you who have thought of volunteering in the shop, but not wanted a regular commitment, we have the answer for you…flexible volunteering!

All the shifts in the shop are covered by staff and volunteers on a regular basis but when people go on holiday, or are unavailable for any reason including sickness, we need to cover their shift.

Would you be prepared to put your name on a ‘Flexible volunteer’ mailing list? That means that any time we have a shift that needs covering, we will send out an email to our ‘Flexible volunteers’ with the date and time of the available slot. If you would like to cover it, you simply reply to the email. Please be assured that you will always be working with someone else.

If you add your name to the list, we suggest that you contact Tracey or Sarah and arrange to come in for a training session with one of them.

It is a very rewarding volunteer role. Why not give it a go???

AGM : 15 June 19.30, Watercress Centre

Have you bought a share in Ewelme Store ( do ask in store for details) and then join us for our AGM on 17 June. It’s your opportunity to find out what has been going on and make any suggestions for running the shop. If you think you might like to join the committee, please email Sarah: for further information.

Products in store

The monthly delivery of sourdough breads and cinnamon rolls fly out of the door and the next one will surely be here soon. Watch our social media pages for the date!

This month I thought I would highlight the well-stocked wine shelves! With summer hopefully on the horizon, my thoughts turn to lightly-chilled rosé and maybe some fizz for a special occasion! We have some gorgeous “Cette Nuit” rosé from the south of France at only £8.98 and “Château de la Deidière “ from Provence at a slightly dearer £13.99 (but well worth the extra as it’s delicious!). We stock Prosecco, a bottle is £11.49 and we even have little “diddy” (200ml) bottles for £3.99. The latter is great to take out on summer picnics or if you just fancy a glass or two in the evenings without having to open a bottle. If you’re looking for the real thing, we stock French Champagne at £22.00 extremely good value! If you’d prefer to pay slightly less, we have Crémant from France and methode champagne from South Africa (the latter is pink!). We are just about to take delivery of locally-produced Brightwell Vineyard whites, reds and rosés plus sparkling too. So what’s stopping you? 🍾

Whilst we’re on the subject of summer 🤞, have you tried our locally-produced “Chiltern Ice Cream” mouth-wateringly delicious range of Ice creams in flavours such as Honeycomb Choc Chip, Flat White Coffee, Triple Choc Chip, and Madagascan Vanilla? Do not delay, if you haven’t, I can vouch for their creamy scrumptiousness!

Wishing all our customers a sunny June and we hope to stay hello to everyone in the shop and tea-room. Tracey and all the staff and volunteers are waiting to welcome you!


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