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Notice of AGM 2020

In light of the current government measures in place to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have amended our usual arrangements for holding our Annual General Meeting of shareholders.

The AGM will now be held online on Wednesday 10th June at 7pm


In normal circumstances, the committee welcomes the opportunity to engage with shareholders through this meeting and hold a Q&A session. If you would like to ask a question relating to business being conducted at the AGM, please email: by 8th June 2020. Your question will be presented to the committee and followed up accordingly.

Agenda for the meeting:

1. Receive the annual accounts (PDF attached to this post) and report on the previous years’ performance/plans for next year

2. Receive membership report/strategy

3. Appoint auditors / vote on audit requirement *

4. Declare results of elections of those to serve on the committee – n/a – current committee members were elected for a three year period which has not yet ended

5. AOB

*The committee proposes that shareholders support the shop by voting in favour of the resolution allowing the society not to undertake a full professional audit on the accounts and to appoint Cadwallader & Co to carry out the independent examination of the year end accounts (required in order to comply with FCA regulations). Cadwallader & Co have been examining the shop accounts since 2015, and were introduced to us by The Plunkett Foundation (who support community shops). There are no known links between Cadwallader & Co and any management committee members.

Please confirm your vote on this resolution by emailing by 8th June 2020.

If you would like to attend the online meeting, please let us know and we will pass on the joining instructions.

Best wishes

Cara Chapman, on behalf of the Management Committee of Ewelme Store

EVS Ltd - YE 31.12
.19 - Accs v2 (FOR AGM
Download 19 - ACCS V2 (FOR AGM • 87KB


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